Innovation does not come easily and creating something new is exciting.  But the most innovative ideas do not happen in a vacuum.  It's all about the environment and those who share it with you.  At iLoftSpace coworking spaces, we attract some of the brightest and most creative people you well ever meet.  Come innovate with us.


Helping others is not just charity, it is making everyone better, including you.  We sponsor network events on a monthly basis, informal breakfasts or lunches and do everything possible to make your workplace more than just a space.  iLoftSpace members are sharing people who see the benefit of interacting with others.


All work and no play, makes for a very dull work environment.  Work can be fun and getting away from the computer should not be just a coffee break.  We have a number of huddle pods, conference rooms, break-out areas and lounge space all designed to help you take a break.  Its your choice, to be social, play or just have some quiet time.